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A First Class Cruise Ship

Discover What Cruise Ships Are All About!

A First Class Cruise Ship

Inside a Cruise Ship

If you’ve never been on a cruise ship before and you have a chance to go in the future… don’t say no. These floating hotels will have you feeling relaxed and enjoying yourself. The excellent food, entertainment, atmosphere and of course all the different parts of the world you’ll be able to see… you’ll find yourself saying how could my cruise be over so fast?

All of the large ships have different classes, and prices of rooms

The cheapest is the inside rooms which have no outside views or windows. Sounds terrible, but really it isn’t. I mean, how long are you in your room anyway? If you’re like us, you’re constantly going and doing activities, either on the ship or at the various ports of call the ship docks at. We spend most of the time in our room sleeping or changing close or relaxing before having dinner.

Restaurants are one of the top reasons for enjoying a cruise. Most of the cruise lines have maybe 5 or more different themed restaurants. There might be a Mexican style, a steak house, a French restaurant… anyway, you get the idea. These are not including the always present, almost always open buffets. Here you can get different food almost anytime of the day and night. Hungry at 3am? Go to the buffet and have some dessert.

Get to know the ship you’re on

If you haven’t been on a specific ship before, it will probably take you a few days to get the layout of where everything is. The average ship is big! They have numerous floors, plans, casinos, theaters and much, much more. Find out what your ship has and use the facilities to your advantage. After all, that’s what you’re paying for.

There are literally hundreds of fun and leisurely activities you can do while onboard a floating resort, the cruise ship. The long list is actually only limited by your imagination, and perhaps, to a greater extent, the length of time you have planned for the vacation cruise.

Why not take a dip into the deck pool, use the Jacuzzi, relax in a sauna, watch a movie, or attend lectures in cooking or wine-tasting? Try out interesting new food fares, play bridge or backgammon, watch a Broadway show, surf the net, tour the ship’s kitchen, listen to live entertainment, attend the Captain’s cocktail party, and even go rock-climbing. These floating resorts even have youth counselors to take care of your children’s needs onboard… then enjoy yourself… you deserve it!

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